Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up?

No joke, less than 5 minutes! 


Is SnapThis Gif an enclosed Photo Booth?  How many ppl can it fit at once? 

Yes, an enclosure is an option … BUT we suggest not enclosing SnapThis Gif.  It works better in wide open spaces where everyone can partake in the fun!  We’ve seen as many as 20 ppl in the SnapThis  Gif at one time. 


Do you provide props?

Of course… Props make everything better! 

Do you provide a SnapThis! Assistant to each event?

Yes, every event includes an assistant to help navigate the SnapThis! Gif Booth.  They will arrive prior to your scheduled time set up the booth and make sure everything runs smoothly throughout your event. 

Does SnapThis! Gif  do still photos?

Yes… it has the option to take 3 still photos in place of the gif.

Does it print photo strips like the old kind does?

Do photo strips really matter?  Don’t get me wrong we love photo strips… we all have them (well the ones we didn’t lose by the end of the night ;-) and they make us smile!! until they get destroyed or thrown into a drawer… 
Ya its great to have a photo strip… but here’s another thought… you put 6 ppl in a booth. They get 1 strip… what do they do with it… take a pic of it with their phone . With SnapThis! Gif, its sent instantly to your phone.. can be shared with everyone…  and everyone gets to take it home.. Basically ... it’s “printing to your phone” and never lost! 

PLUS….  In the time it takes  to take one trip through the traditional photo booth… you can have 4 groups through the Gif Booth

How customizable is my SnapThis! Gif event?

It is as customizable as you would like it to be.  We will help you along the way to make sure your event is utilizing SnapThis! Gif to its fullest potential and make it just perfect for your event.  We will give you our recommendations but ultimately its up to you… you want an enclosure… we can do that.. you want props… we can do that… you want stills .. we can do that… you want a customized gif delivery ( logo, names, date, etc).. can do that too!!  

Not to mention…  you can keep in touch with your guests by a series of three customized follow up texts …  want to share the images of the gallery (besides the live feed during the event… which is AWESOME)…  want to keep in touch with your clients…  this is the way to keep everyone in the loop of what is happening!