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About US 

SnapThis! Photo Booth was born around a party (because isn’t that how all great business start?!).   In the hunt for a photo booth for our own party we realized there were none to be found that matched our quality, style and vision.   So we decided to start our own traditional photo booth company. That was 5 years ago…

 After years in the traditional photo booth business we realized it was time to step it up a notch. The old-fashioned photo booth was a fantastic option back then but this is now… and there’s a much better way to strike a pose and get down … and that’s through a GIF. 

 Years of working in the industry has shown us the pros and cons of the photo booth world. We’ve been watching where the most entertainment value comes from and how a photo booth can be utilized in a multitude of ways… not just a single piece of paper.  And now we’ve now figured it out… the best way to bring the entertainment to any and every party is with a SnapThis! GIF Photo Booth!

 SnapThis! Gif Booth is ideal for clients who wish to make their party absolutely unforgettable! Your guests will be talking about it for months after!  SnapThis! is perfect for entertainingguests of all ages (be it 5 or 85 yr olds)… they will all love it!  It can not only be shared in a multitude of ways, but it can also create several user experiences both during and even after the party (live action slideshow, interactive guest book,  red carpet experience, live gallery in the palm of your hand).  You can use SnapThis! GIF to follow up with your guests and share information about your event… be it your wedding or your company.  It is not only the perfect way to keep in touch and send a thank you but also to build your business community and promote your brand!

 SnapThis Photo Booth is super excited to announce its expansion into the Gif world with SnapThis Gif! And can’t wait to see you get addicted to the fun!

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Andrejka Photography

SnapThis! Photo Booth is a branch of Andrejka Photography. If you are looking to have your event photographed contact Andrejka Photography. Although we work separately we offer package discounts together. 

Check out her amazing photography here:  ANDREJKA PHOTOGRAPHY